We Don't Just Send Clicks, We Make Sure You Get Conversions From Your Paid Marketing Efforts On Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
By Building High Converting Funnels & Sending Targeted Traffic That Turns Into Leads & Sales For Our Clients
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What Is ClicksLeads.com?
We Help Businesses Grow Their Revenue Online By Bringing In A Regular Flow Of Customers. 

We set up proven marketing campaigns and sales funnels on scaleable traffic platforms to generate more leads and get more sales. 

We deliver marketing & advertising solutions for entrepreneurs & companies that demand growth. 

Sales Funnels
We focus on first building your sales funnel.

Since 2016, we have been building high converting sales funnels for leading Internet Marketing brands, companies and top earners. 

We can build sales funnels and increase your conversions no matter what business you're in or what offer you are promoting. Affiliate marketing, home business, e-commerce and anything else.

Whether you need a simple website make-over or a complete funnel to position yourself in the marketplace and convert leads into sales. We handle everything from lead magnets to sales videos to letters to email follow-ups and webinars. 

Real ADs Management 
If you have been marketing online for long, I'm sure you've been promised magical traffic sources guaranteed to convert into sales.

After being in this business for over 4 years we have learned no such 'traffic source' exists. That's why you won't find any of their testimonials still crushing it on leaderboards.

Traffic sources like solo ads are usually hit or miss and it's only a small percentage of clients who ever make sales. Instead of selling clicks we actually build 100% compliant sales funnels for our clients and run them on traffic networks like Facebook & Instagram

This gives you the best quality most targeted traffic and the biggest chance of a successful traffic campaign.

Top Quality Leads
At ClicksLeads.com, we start by looking at your offer and making sure your sales funnel is setup right.

Once we are confident your funnel will convert, we launch compliant ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other PPC platforms.

This allows us to tap into the highest quality traffic that most people are unable to target due to non-compliant funnels and lack of know-how.

For the savvy marketer, this means an unlimited supply of warm, high converting leads for their offers.

Why Hire Us?
All our systems & processes are designed to generate you High ROI on your paid traffic campaigns.
Over the past few years we have cracked the code to advertising on Facebook and other leading ad platforms with unlimited scalability. We have proven over and over again the ability to generate sales for all kinds of products, services and offers.

It requires an entire team of people to be able to keep up with the latest advertising strategies, bidding types and optimisation methods. That's what we do best and it's why our traffic solutions are better than others.

For a small monthly fee you don't have to worry about what's going on with the ad platforms, or even how to get more conversions - we take care of everything.

Due to our simple pricing model, we are incentivised to find partners we can work with and generate steady, increasing profits for. The more we can profitably spend of your advertising dollars, the more revenue we generate for ourselves.
How Can We Help YOU?
Build Killer, High Converting Sales Funnels Proven To Generate Thousands Of Customers For Our Clients Using Traffic Methods Responsible For Generating Millions In Revenue For Our Clients
Audience Research
We look at your customer lists, analyse them deeply and come up with ideal prospects and targets perfect for your business. 
Conversion Optimization
By analysing your website/funnel we can make improvements based on thorough testing and optimisation to increase conversions or just create a completely new high converting sales funnel
Account Structure & Setup
From setting up your pixels to ensuring your pages & ad accounts are all setup correctly we'll ensure you don't need to spend time sorting out things as you grow.
We ensure your ads, landing pages and ads accounts are always in compliance with Facebook ads policies & any chances are implemented correctly with minimal fuss
Detailed Reporting
We focus on getting results & getting you high ROI and that's done through continually monitoring the performance of your campaigns and making data driven decisions to scale your campaigns
High Converting Ads
We ensure we put up the right message to the right person at the right time which gets you a constant flow of leads on autopilot 
Digital Strategy
Don't know how to grow your business in the digital age? Let us put together a strategy that will crush your sales and lead objectives.
Personal Attention
We work directly with you and don't outsource any of our work to offshore companies. Each of our clients are unique and we craft our services according to what YOU need.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We're so confident in our ad services that we guarantee results. If for any reason we are unable to generate results for you we'll give you a full refund of our setup & consultation fees.
What Makes ClicksLeads Different?
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